The ODD Crew have experience from a wide range of businesses. From the Swedish startup-community to the notorious ad agency Studio Total we have, among other things, co-founded the world’s fastest growing bicycle café chain “Wheelys”, held underground art-exhibitions and worked with leading brands.

We put emphasis on creating marketing solutions for companies and NGOs that engage people and local government.

Besides getting people to talk about your brand, our main areas of expertise includes packaging design, product development and branding.

Located in a old sugar factory we are a part of the premium weird at Hey it’s Enrico Pallazzo!


Adam Mikkelsen

Founder / Creative strategy


Eric Calderon

Founder / Creative designer


Oskar Edengréen

Founder / Creative designer


”They are young, bold and creative.”

– Karto, 88 (Adam’s grandpa)

By doing things a bit differently than bigger bureaus we get what you need done. Instead of aiming for an award from the advertising agencies mutual admiration society- we focus on the things that matters for you and your brand.

Rather than spending hours with different teams, listening to numerous time wasting pitches about what you should have done 20 years ago, the ODD Crew deliver solid solutions that actually make your brand visible in whatever market you desire. Taste that!

Now, get in touch so we can start making magic together.