ODD Company is a modest little group of free thinkers.
Some might call us a Communication Agency or Innovation Bureau
while others might call us the heroes of our time.

We work hard and with a great amount of passion.
We shake things up in order to make a change.

Are you ready to change?
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Enjoy our featured projects below.


We help brands reach their clients with a beautiful and meaningful visual communication. With a carefully thought out strategy of how to reach your desired audience we are experts of getting people interested in your brand.


Everything begins with a story – wouldn’t you say? In today’s society, with a flood of constant information, it’s harder than ever to stand out. Especially if you don’t have anything interesting to say at all. With a good story, people will talk about you. With a great story, people will admire you and remember you. We make good stories great.


A brand, its products and its packaging goes hand in hand. Yes, it’s true. With our deep knowledge of packaging design we take in all aspects of a design process from the very beginning of a project. We don’t start by making a product only to realise later on that it do needs protection. We create a solid platform where all the elements of your brand harmonize when the idea comes to life.


Have you ever been told to ‘think outside the box’? You probably have, since it’s one of the most worn-out clichés out there. However, let’s say the box is everything you know- how can you possibly think outside of it? We have no idea. What we do know is that we hate boxes (well, not the ones that you actually can put stuff in) and been destroying them quite successfully. Why not join us? It’s quite refreshing!

ODD Company is a small bureau and for that reason we tend to get stuff done pretty quickly.
We strive to balance our own projects (the ones where we explore any idea that comes to mind)
with cases from clients (being experts at brand exposure).
We also like to talk. At bigger venues or smaller class rooms to educate or to entertain.
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